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administration's total negligence and incompetence, referring to admiral james lyons that's it for us tonight. thanks for being with us. we will see you here tomorrow. good night from new york. >> senator reid and others have spoken out that we are not going to touch any of the entitlements. i think that gives you some indication of the likelihood of something like that happening. neil: think of that. i'm still flabbergasted. item everyone. neil cavuto. they're not going to touch entitlements, address real spending issues because they are entitlements. they just want taxes raised, double the figure they raised earlier, and lo and behold, democratic senator jay rockefeller and tom harkin, with a letter to the president urging that he did even more sweeping than that. we urge you to reject changes to
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medicaid and medicare, social security that would cut benefits commences shift costs to alter the structure of these critical programs or force vulnerable populations to bear the burden of deficit reduction deficits. this goes on and on. they are trying to get 30 more senators or so to sign on to that. there are talking about the ratio of so-called spending cuts to revenues more like one-to-one, but a big chunk of those alleges spending cuts are rehashed cuts from last year's debt ceiling agreement. but that back on the table. what we're talking about here, if you're talking 4 trillion in savings over ten years, a trillion that is a free already done. trillion of that is for wars in afghanistan and iraq that have already been factored for being phased out, no real cuts there. and then i guess it's a jumble because more than a trillion of the remaining figured is a tax
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increase. that isn't one to one. that is a joke. do not expect republican kentucky senator rand paul to sign-on. senator, this thing is getting out of control. >> since the spending cuts are a fiction, they're not real bad make-believe, maybe that is what that tax increases should be as well. i don't want to increase taxes. the only way to stimulate the economy is still leave more revenue in the hands of those who learned it, leave it in your states. and rather have the money in kentucky. and have not seen any money spent in washington that is useful. most of it is counterproductive. let's leave more money in the states and cut spending. we are spending too much. neil: they're not doing that. i guess the democratic leaders seem to be thinking that this election was a referendum on tax increases. i guess you could, in part to my take from the president's victory that maybe his wanting to tax the rich might have been a factor, but i do think
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americans are looking to get spending and control. >> if you want to say the public is raising taxes on the rich, the public has been sold a bill of goods on this. of the public or to know the facts, the rich already pay most of the taxes. we have a very progressive tax code. millionaires pay on average about 30 percent of their income, not to mention state income taxes and social security taxes. most of the rich are paying nearly 50 percent of their income by the time were done. and most of the income tax is paid by the wealthy. my point is, i don't care whether it's the wealthy, middle-class, or poor. i don't want to divide us. i want to say the public and private sector, the only way you get more jobs is by leaving more money in the private sector. neil: we can debate this all we want. democrats are saying, it is beyond debate. maybe naively, the president and
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all sides we will rise to this occasion. offer a constructive dialogue to not only get as off the cliff, but lay out a plan to get all of this under control. i hear talk of stimulus. your colleague in new york is signing on for what could be a half trillion dollar jobs plan. on and on we go. stimulus is still in vogue. spending is still in vogue. piling up debt. >> here is a problem with stimulating and government spending, the last time they tried it it did not work. it also cost about $400,000 per job. government is not very good at creating jobs. instead of trying to squeeze more money out of the economy and take it from productive business owners, let's leave it in their hands. i don't think the president got a referendum on raising taxes. the president won the election barely, but he did not get a referendum. the other thing is, we still
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have enough votes in the senate that he needs to come across the island talk to us. i know of no conversation from the president with our side. if you want to compromise talk to us. there could be a compromise. i'm willing to compromise on saying that military spending could be cut, and soaker domestic spending. that is where the compromise should be the. neil: among your republican colleagues i don't see that part of the compromise either. they have revenues on the table, and i guess the devil is in the proverbial details, but when it comes to spending, they are very, you know, love to cut their near and dear is used, like defense. and for very valid reasons, just as democrats will tell you valid reasons for, you know, going slow on entitlements. with that mentally being the case, what do you think will happen? >> i think there will be some big, messy bill made in some sausage factory you never want to go to. that bill will be passed, and i
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will probably oppose it if it means raising taxes because i think raising taxes is a mistake and a particularly in a weak economy. neil: when you say raising taxes , do you include this offer that, i guess, the speaker has on the table, not formally on the table about a rate increase and closing loopholes and credits because the president said that won't come close to giving you the money that you can get with a rate hike. where do you stand on this? >> to me, increasing revenue by closing deductions is raising taxes. i will close loopholes if you lower rates, but you have to do something good for the economy if you're going to do something bad to the economy, not for just closing loopholes. that takes money out of the productive sector to sector, since it to washington, and that is a mistake. i am not for just closing loopholes, but i would close loopholes if you lower overall rates which would stimulate the economy. neil: quickly, how did you make it -- what did you make of mitt
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romney's remarks to bankers that what hurt him was all the freebie's the president was giving out to his base and that that made the difference. >> i think we, as republicans everyone to grill the party, have to somehow develop some empathy for those who have been on government assistance and know that they don't all want to stay there. for example, i think there are many good people who have had to take unemployment insurance from other two but would like to work i don't think everybody on government assistance is a bad person. we need to figure out how to convince them to, though, that their life would be better if they vote for policies that help them get a real job and in the middle class. neil: more inclusive more conservatives say it is selling out, not you, but that they can't be democrat like. what do you say that? with your overture on
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immigration, a way to win over latinos to have been, you know, and lockstep with democrats? what are you up to? what are you doing? >> well, it has always been my opinion that people who are here, even those who are here illegally, if they would like to work, we ought to figure out a way to let them. i'm not against people working. at the democrats are of assets cannot liability, and hispanic voters will listen to us to think we are angry all the time ides came from a family of immigrants. we spoke on language for probably 50 years in my community. we spoke german and the church. i'm not against people speaking spanish either to but i think we need to convey that all we're going to become a dinosaur. we are going to become extinct, and i don't think it means we have to compromise our principles. i still want strict border controls. i don't want people coming in illegally, but we should be receptive to legal immigrants and figure out how to normalize those who did come here, even if they broke the law.
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we have to figure out a way, if they're willing to work, to normalize their situation. also, it does have to do with electoral politics. we are not competitive, and we have to be. neil: you are a good student of math, senator. always good having you. be well. >> thanks. neil: we want to hear from you. tweet us the @teamcavuto command we will answer today's twitter question, who is to blame for the gridlock. you can send us your tweeds and we will reach some at the end of the show. we have a lot more coming up, and including this white house effort to crush higher taxes. coming up, a lot of like-minded millionaires, some millionairess. one millionaire sliding back and saying, no.
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neil: all right. there are the rich to want to pay more taxes. the vice-president meeting with a bunch of them today. they want to pay higher taxes. former verizon wireless ceo, a millionaire, was not invited, does not know why. it could have something to do with the fact he does not concur with that sentiment. good to have you. >> good to be here. thank you. neil: obviously you can begin choose any one of the like-minded you and get them in a room and have them, not in agreement. your argument, nothing to do with you and everything to do with the underlying problem there not addressing. explain. >> first of all, here is one more in a series of publicity stunts. we have union leaders on tuesday, ceos on wednesday. today we have patriotic millionairess. for crying out loud, what is a patriotic millionaire? by the way, there are plenty of people who don't pay taxes are probably very patriotic. why all of a sudden we define
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these millionaires as patriotic? incidently, any one of them who would like to write a check to the u.s. government is free to do so. go ahead. neil: define patriotism by how much you give the government. >> at think it's nonsense. what does that have to do with anything? neil: over reading posts the election what they're either mandate or victory means? >> i think there overeating what their mandate is. neil: how you define their mandate to act a lot of people think that, well, they do agree with at least one part that the rich should pay more. usually is the people who are not. but beyond that, push for more spending for stimulus, and leaving entitlements alone, leaving spending itself alone. >> essentially what they won was a squeaker. based on some, whenever it is, five counties across the united states. in my opinion did they win, of
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course. but they have no mandate. they ought to figure out a way to try to keep all of the people that our citizens in the people who pay taxes happy. neil: have you resign yourself to you will have to pay more taxes. >> i have not. i have not. neil: i think republicans -- >> here is the issue for me and several others. what is it to say that if i am willing to pay more tax that that tax dollar would be spent any more efficiently and -- neil: not going to happen. neil: okay. given that, it is the current spending policies of our federal government now that led us to this fiscal clef. and frankly i don't want any more of this. what we have to do is all the spending issue that we have. neil: no, you and i talked for a good long time. i'm very glad. the years i've known you. we are kindred spirits on the spending thing.
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but that is spirited away in washington. for some reason, republicans the surprise me the most, they have caved. i can see it coming up. it has come up. i understand. i don't like it. but it is like, we give you that. we will give you a bunch more, and the democrats can see there fear and are running with it. >> why the republicans collapse on this? i don't think that they should. neil: at think we're being supreme voice is. >> here is what is going to happen. we are going to end at the end of this year with one of two things. are going to end up with the fiscal cliff that is resolved by smoke and mirrors. we're going to end up with a situation that looks like we have solved this, but in reality we won't. like the $1 trillion savings in a withdrawal of troops from iran neil: factored in taking the
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$1 trillion in a great savings in the debt ceiling in this drawing that. you would have been thrown and the clank. >> fired. >> as with any person in business today. neil: all right. thank you. i want to update you. he's so smart. he can leave here thinking, what to do just say? what he said is true. this latest plan being kicked about, $4 trillion that they are revisiting from last year. what it means is for china rich in years. coming from these savings. it's already factored in. we're taking in using it again. another trillion is coming from this debt ceiling agreement. they're taking that again. he might be wearing a striped suit right now or orange.
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the last one is a killer. another when to one-half trillion is going to come in higher taxes . by my math at least maybe 400 billion a half, 300 new savings. you think we're going to see that? does illegal come to mind? after this. for many, nexium helps relieve
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neil: the president in the new york metropolitan area to visit the sandy to ravage storm sites including s.i. and others. back with us from queens new york. still a heap of problems. >> reporter: essentially in
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the middle of a massive operation. popped up out of nowhere over the last three weeks. this is a new landfill that is in the middle of the beach area. this is called jacob riis park. it's it's just directly east of breezy point and west of rockaway. o we are looking at now is a pile that is steadily growing. this landfill now surpasses one and a half miles. it holds the personal belongings of neighborhoods and business districts of about a dozen towns devastated by hurricane sandy. also the howard beach area, and until you something, as we've been here throughout the day, this has grown to reach about three stories high. about 1800 garbage trucks and sanitation trucks have been operating 247 full tilt. here throughout the night delivering and clearing debris. what you are seeing is sand walls here basically stopping
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his from wrecking the environment. they eat croupier's year, department of health, all sorts of government operations because they're worried about toxic leaks and hazardous materials, but of tell you something. the weight of this is astounding surpassing the weight of the empire state building, and it's going to reach the weight of the entire u.s. space station. what's going to happen, it was slowly and steadily remove this debris completed an 18 wheeler trucks and ship it out of new york state possibly into states like pennsylvania where possibly public sector -- public companies like waste management can bid on deals. basically one man's trash is another man's treasure, but it's heartbreaking. when seen throughout the day, mattresses, dryers, washing machines, photo albums, along shares, baby carriages, bicycles. standing around here, i have picked up photos of of the ground from -- it's heartbreaking. black-and-white shots, color shots, just around here in the
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area. we have been here throughout the day. the president did a flyover right over this site at about 7:30 a.m., and he gave a shout out to the sanitation workers essentially saying these guys are first responders. out tell you something, my family is from belle harbor rockaway. a lot of firemen in my family, of firemen in that area. there are also singing praises of the sanitation guys. what happened is when the fires broke out and devastated the sounds of fire trucks cannot get in there quickly enough because of the debris. they needed these guys to clear that debris. they are also giving a shot up to the national park service. the rebels would be a lot slower. neil: you have been fantastic following all of this, as always. appreciated. on top of the ins and outs of
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this will come back process. meanwhile, the president did visit s.i. for the date. on the very same day we are learning that fema auctioned off trailers the day sandy was upgraded to a tropical depression. on the phone with us. the first floor of her home. she does not qualify for money. where did that keep you now? >> right now it keeps me in limbo. i'm living in a house that is uninhabitable. i get heat and hot water, nothing for two weeks. another storm. my 77 year old father was with me. he has respiratory disease him and he walks with a walker for parkinson's. we had fema visit us after two weeks, and basically my father was told he should go live in a shelter because they are not giving us any money for that. this, i don't qualify for money
8:26 pm
because i have flood insurance. so right now we are in limbo. my insurance company has not had that chance to come visit me because of the massive amount of claims. although their telling me my father at the very least does not qualify for any where to live better shelter. and all the while, they are saying -- staying in the soho grand and one of the best hotels in manhattan paying over $300 a night. i don't understand that. and as far as the shelters that they seldom i don't understand how they can sell these shelters. twenty-five and 30,000. word is the money go? why they sell it? a ton of the inventory. who is managing this? they're leaving people homeless or in houses that are not healthy. i can't do anything to fix it. i don't know what we're supposed to do. neil: what are you told? the president was in the area.
8:27 pm
i don't know if you saw him or what. he is saying fema is doing, trying to be on top of this, doing a good job. obviously you don't seem to occur with that. >> no, i don't. i do know that some people have been visited by fema and some people have got money early on. others seem to be left in the cold. there is no transparency in the process. nobody makes it known. i called the number more times than i can count. i have a job. i work. i can't do this all day long. when you try and get through, you can't. when you finally do there is no answer. we can discuss it. you will be told. a decision is pending. you can always appeal it. the month-to-month succumbing. where we supposed to stay? my father who worked as a life should go stay in a shelter, but they should stay in expensive hotel rooms. neil: i hope somehow anyplace to go for thanksgiving? how does that stand?
8:28 pm
>> we haven't even thought about thanksgiving. unthankful that everybody is okay, but the winter is coming. where we go? neil: we will keep on top of it. you try to stay warm. >> thank you. neil: you deserve better, young lady. s.i. as you can see, there is a real disconnect. we spotted that almost from the beginning between but officials are saying they're stopping each other on the back and giving themselves hi-fi's and folks like maria who are actually there who might want to raise another finger. they are putting there staffers and volunteers up and lavish hotels. it is not the policy to place volunteers in high-end hotels. about $33 per worker per night. we have a dire need to get people to new york city to help with relief efforts, and they were very few available rooms.
8:29 pm
many volunteers are staying in shelters. ymca, and a ship docked of s.i. we'll see. we'll see. all right. getting plans that taxpayer dollars were allegedly misspent promoting the administration's health care loss. the republican congressman next. what makes the sleep number sre different? you walk into a conventional mattress store, it's really not about you. we have so much technology in our store to really show the customers what's going on with their bodies. you can see a little more pressure in the shoulders and in the hips. ... now you can feel what happens as we raise your sleep number settingnd allow the bed to contour to your individual shape. oh, wow. that feels really good. at sleep number we've created a collection of innovations dedicated to individualizing yo comfort. the sleep number collection, designed around the innovative sleep number bed - a bed
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neil: all right. doing their job or doing something that is not part of their job? the obama administration getting primed for spending taxpayer money to promote the president's health care law. the administration saying, well, we have to explain that law. we are not promoting anything. the republican congressman not quite buying it. the state of louisiana. he is leading this charge
8:33 pm
against the health and human services secretary to get to the bottom of what this money is being used for because it seems a little fishy. congressman, and joining us on the phone right now. have you heard anything from the secretary? >> well, we sent letters initially backed inmate, follow-up letters in august and we have received no information about the use of these tax bear dollars. we were completely ignored by the secretary, and that prompted the subpoena and conversations with the chairman on the ways and means committee. we felt that we need to know how these millions of taxpayer dollars being used for this purpose at a time when we are dealing with deficits, serious issues. the taxpayer deserves to know what these dollars are being used for. neil: you know what, i can see they're coming back and saying, well, we have this health care law. we are the one in charge with its implementation.
8:34 pm
i'm paraphrasing here, sir. you might look like promotion to the congressman, but it's more explanation. what do you say? >> well, i think it appears that there were really trying to promote this in a one-sided way. we have heard lots of complaints about that. and i think when the federal government is using money coming to this extent to millions of taxpayer dollars to do advertisements that it seems to be promoting more of a political advantage rather than simply information, objective affirmation. that's a problem. and so when we inquired about this, why would the secretary provide the information? i they trying to hide something? so we want to know a whole lot more detailed. who the contracts went to. and really account for these taxpayer dollars. neil: here is what i have, congressman. what are your views on this whole this bill glyph think?
8:35 pm
and apparently republicans have offered revenue. the president seems to be making it clear that he once, you know, to double the antique. that just today a letter going around the senate, a couple of democrats looking for support for entitlements, even more tax hikes. what do you make of all that? >> well, it sounds as if the president and some of the democrats are digging in and digging a deeper hole. the bottom line is this, we don't want to see a massive tax hike if the american families and businesses. the average family was the at $3,500 tax increase of these tax increases come into play starting january 1st. many economists said this would throw us into a recession. the cbo has also said -- neil: i know your views. what you think will happen?
8:36 pm
>> well, i think we will have to get down to the negotiating table. i can tell you, on the republican side we are not going to support raising rates. neil: all right. you would support the closing loopholes. >> absolutely. neil: you better raise as much money or you would not support it. >> the thing is, i believe what we ought to do is get beyond this. let's come up with something that gets us beyond the fiscal cliff so that we don't but american families and businesses in harm's way and then move to a fundamental tax reform where we close loopholes and really looked at rewriting the tax code. as a member of the house ways and means committee we have been working for two years on that. we will have a draft ready to go in the first quarter. neil: all right. congressman, great having you. even on the phone. at what you to look. we were down, but i want you to think of something that occurred to me as the congressman was speaking. with today's rather nominal
8:37 pm
drop-off, about 700 points since the election. and there is a theory going around, and i subscribe to it in large part, that this is not the fiscal close middle ground we saw we would be looking at. this is a case of ms. reading in the election results and thinking that is a mandate for just raising taxes on the rich and not even touching entitlements, not even touching spending. you heard it for yourself. there is a move afoot to adjust, just really focus on talking to the rich. whether you're rich or not, leave that aside. think about what they're not talking about. could you vote for that? i don't care who you voted for. could you vote for that? all taxes, no spending, government getting bigger. all that is okay. really? did i even see that? i work late. i think every year until
8:38 pm
3:00 a.m. not one exit poll, not one said that.
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neil: all right. deep thought. we will get into deep thought on the election and what really is going on year and this environment where, some disturbing news, the jobless claims figure. even i didn't overstress about that because while it was eye-popping, a lot of it was hurricane-related. not entirely, but they're is a way to frame that. retail sales are looking soft. consumer sentiment numbers are easing back. it is "sort of like a copy cap conserve mentality
8:42 pm
. that this bill cliff. we could all die. so i wanted to put it all together and get a sense of where we go in these next few weeks, for that matter, and to the new year. we have -- election night coverage. sandra smith acted out of the park. what about that? you know, you can always look at economic numbers. you can pick and choose the numbers this to you. announcing -- blaming you, but they are beginning to look worse. i am wondering now, what is all this pretending? the 700. sell-off in the market. >> no one is closer to the consumer than the stores in the companies themselves. it's one thing that we got a flat retail sales number. it's another that we heard from walmart today which was the worst performer in the dow, which lowered its fourth quarter forecast, pinning it on weak economic forecasts.
8:43 pm
they're looking at a consumer debt usually trades down. they are saying that they're shopper is trading down to the dollar stores. they are fearful about the amount of money that people are spending when they come through the doors. only looking for things on sale. this ceos city had to lower prices so much it is cutting into their profit. they are concerned, and walmart is close to the consumer. that counts right now in this environment, and they're saying things don't look good. neil: scale back workers' hours. going, you know, obviously look at a lot of things. that was before any of this. >> factoring in the heavy added health care costs among worried about the fiscal cliff and higher taxes and worried about the consumer. the holiday shopping season is not looking good. look at these retailers' command they're talking about how competitive the environment is going to be, that translates to we are going to have to mark things down so low just to get folks through the door. neil: opening on thanksgiving
8:44 pm
night. >> 8:00. neil: with your in-laws, probably not a bad idea. i digress. no wonder you're building that bunker in bermuda. what do you think of what was just said? >> at the center is 100 percent correct. don't forget last week mcdonald's for the first time in a decade came out with lower sales. using huge pressure on the consumer. nothing is changed structurally. we still have around 8 percent unemployment. that is not changed. nothing in the future shows that it will change, and the poverty rate, we now have almost 50 million americans in poverty, over 49 million americans. we have a lot of people struggling out there, and i think after these guys, two years they has been fighting each other. people wake up and say, oh, my god. the same people still in power. i don't think people a very optimistic. neil: and the same fighting. part of what is going on, certainly in the stock market to be anxious about of the fiscal
8:45 pm
cliff workout. i think most people were ready once the president was reelected . i guess they will work out how, but i don't think they entertained that there would not even address spending because the proposal so far, a prominent democrats in the nancy pelosi in the house, not touching entitlements, the sentiment among some of these liberal senators who want to a get 30 signatures on this letter. don't touch pretty much any spending. >> and you are looking at the market today, continuing to sell-off. and we are entering into correction territory. some people we will scream this market is oversold. the reaction it was too fierce. the presidential election, but something to point out, if you look back at history typically after a presidential election you normally get a bump in the market because there is certainty brought to the market. republican or democrat, it's over. but this time not the case.
8:46 pm
there is just no certainty for companies or investors. you do have this mass exodus from the stock market right now from everything for that matter. leaving gold, oil, everything. neil: how long do we expect this to last? i can understand, you know, getting over the confusion and then the shock that they are still fighting in still hate each other, as if that should war and a fox alert. when did they get over the her part or do they? >> i think people are bracing for something worse. people are out there and realize that it does not give a free pizza to everybody. they are seeing school guard crossings cut. they're seeing teachers get, firefighters. they see nothing done with entitlements, and the thing people are starting to realize our government is dysfunctional. the post offices came out with a dire warning that they're running out of money. the loss 16 billion this year.
8:47 pm
i think people are starting to look at that and realize that we have no cohesion whatsoever. that does not bode well for what's going forward. neil: i want to bring rich edson into this after the break and get a sense in washington what if anything is being done to get this under control because this cliff is looking more like a reality. sort of like a very bad family reunion if you've ever had one. everything comes in.
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♪ neil: all right. i want to bring my colleague and
8:51 pm
friend into this out of d.c. because if anyone has a real and what they're doing are not doing , rich does. just the kabuki theater around this, i don't see much middle ground. the president's is this thing with the tax side, it's got to be double what we thought. he really does not want to entertain much beyond rate hikes , especially when he doubts it will approach the closing loopholes and the like anything the amount of money you can get from just raising the rates. then the likes of jay rockefeller. entitlements and all non. it doesn't look good for a deal. what do you think? >> they're awfully far apart. they had a really good indication of the president refused to say when asked twice are you ruling out tax rate increases or are you from one that? is that a line in the san? the president refused to say that. they are saying the right things they're trying to appeal to
8:52 pm
their base. both sides are, but they are also leaving the window open for some type of deal. neil: i don't even see the window. i don't. if that is the art of the debate here, i'm missing it. >> it is a little crack in the window. at and say it was a big one. neil: but what? >> but by leaving at least a door open toothe fact that you may not be dealing with just rates, refused to rule that out to isolate. i think that was significant, but there are still far apart. >> one of the significant things about all of this is that people have come to the realization that the general public has come to the realization that they will be affected by this. this fiscal cliff. their eyes glaze over. now they are hearing nearly every single american taxpayer will see on average their tax rates go up by 3%. they are turning again.
8:53 pm
they are worried. i think that translates to everything we're seeing in the stock market. that is the major uncertainty. people are now seeing how this will personally affect them in their finance. neil: my latest crackpot, and i have many, my latest one is this is all by design. i do think to senator murray's credit, washington, republicans don't budge on this. here comes the cliff. paraphrasing. the president more last telegraphing the same. they see a strategy in welcoming the cliff. come back in the new year and pick and choose that feel that they want. what do you think? >> i think you're exactly right. almost exactly what happened. neil: i work for you.
8:54 pm
>> ninety-five is a great indication of what they think would happen now. i think they think that people we will blame the republicans because they are sticking to this so strongly that they have to raise taxes on the rich. the republicans are rightly saying this doesn't matter that much. look. go ahead and raise taxes on the rich. now what are you going to do with the trillion dollar deficit? is not going to affect the debt whatsoever in a meaningful way like they're claiming that it will. worst case happens here. they end up putting some type of band-aid on this fiscal cliff and letting this go into 2013. that is pro will likely scenario neil: part of the argument for letting the fiscal cliff happen is short-term pain, long-term gain. and whenever they hit on the economy which would be severe longer-term you do clean up your balance sheets. you do get a lot of revenue altman the coming into the government. there is a strategy.
8:55 pm
how serious you think democrats like patty murray and others are when they hinted that? >> well, when you talk about senator patty murray, she suggests that. if we get a better deal by going off a cliff, at least for the first two months, that is something we should look at doing if we don't get our preferred strategy and tax rates. beginning to see that with democrats as well. the president has not explicitly said that. is the president's willing to actually do that. we have a lot of negotiating at of us. we have this section at the white house where the four top congressional leaders will meet. it don't really expect anything to come out of that. neil: the speaker, mcconnell, harry reid, nancy pelosi. >> one congressional aide told me, it sounds like this early in the process, believe it not, talking about early in the process even though the fiscal cliff to six weeks away, probably get a lot of nodding to
8:56 pm
my throat clearing, declarations about what we have heard of the last week which is a reiteration of the same position. by the way, congress is not in next week. neil: by the way, is this a lunch? >> this is a bronze, i think. neil: food tasters. what does the market do? >> i am worried about irreparable damage. it is one thing to talk about a short-term gain, long -- short-term pain, long-term gain. at some point you have to look at the markets, you have to look at employment, the number of people in poverty and food stamps, and that could all be really bad in the months that followed. neil: all right. in the meantime, have a lovely evening. we will be following it. 4g lte is the fastest.
8:57 pm
so, which supeast 4g lte service would yochoose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the format altogether ?
8:58 pm
isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage thanll other networks combined.
8:59 pm

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